Create Contact Upload

Contact Upload with Guni:

Audience feature allows you the simplest way to upload multiple contacts from excel and CSV.


For uploading contact need to follow these steps:

  • Click on Audience shown below navigation panel.

  • Click on Groups.

  • Click on Add Group.

Now you have to Import contact by uploading files. You will need to ensure that contact list is saved as a .csv or .xls file.


  • Select the pre-exist files to whom you want to send SMS.


  • After uploading files click on Next tab.


  • Choose from the given option: Mobile number, First name and Last name as shown below. The system will auto-detect the mobile phone numbers from your spreadsheet. 
  • After you selected a column to match to a field you will see sample data from your original spreadsheet.
  • Click on Finalize Import.



  • You can add more labels with the help of Add Label tab.
  • Click on Add Label.


  • You can add merge labels to your group from the list below.
  • Click on Product.
  • After that Click on Add Labels.


  • Now, see your added label Product.

  • Click OK to complete the action.


Now you can review the result shown below.